Thanks to these photographers and the Creative Commons license for the use of their beautiful images.
Boldt Castle front, stained glass ceiling in Boldt Castle, by Geraldshields11; Alster Tower, Power house (Boldt Castle), no named author; Larger view of Boldt Castle, by Clément Bardot; Singer Castle and boathouse, bridge, by Ad Meskens; Rock Island Light, by Oralrobert33; Tiny Island, by Moondigger; Tiny house, by Omegatron; Common loon, by Forest Service Northern Region; Bald eagle, by Peter K Burian; Hooded merganser, by D. Gordon E. Robertson; Osprey, by Gareth Rasberry; Fawn, by ForestWander Nature Photography; Otters, by Dmitry Azovtsev; Mink, by Needsmoreritalin.