Small, Private Tours of the Thousand Islands

Sparkling fresh water and thousands of islands large and small define this historic and picturesque region of Upstate New York. Come explore it with 1000 Islands Water Tours.

Small, Private Tours of the Thousand Islands

Sparkling fresh water and thousands of islands large and small define this historic and picturesque region of Upstate New York. Come explore it with 1000 Islands Water Tours.

Custom Tours Made Just for You

*** Small and private. Maximum number of guests is 6.
*** $175 per hour for your private tour.
*** From the boat, you can see Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, Rock Island Lighthouse, and more!
*** 1000 Islands Water Tours is not associated with Uncle Sam Boat Tours. If you are looking for a large group tour, visit Uncle Sam Boat Tours.
We can take you to view the superb and must-see sights in the Thousand Islands including Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, Rock Island Lighthouse, luxurious private homes, the Thousand Islands Bridge, and the tiny island with the tiny house known as “Just Room Enough” Island. You may even pass by one of the huge freighters that makes trips between the Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean.

See the many back waters and other lesser-known areas where only shallow-draft boats like ours can visit. Our tours are customized for you.

Book a sunset cruise to end your day or as the start of a romantic evening. There’s nothing like celebrating a special occasion by spending it on the water surrounded by the beauty of the Thousand Islands.

Wonderful Variety of Wildlife and Bird Species

The Thousand Islands is a Common Tern nesting area supporting hundreds of pairs and a Bald Eagle wintering area with 8-12 individuals seen each winter, especially near Wellesley Island.

Mammal species commonly seen include white-tailed deer, woodchucks, raccoons, red squirrels, beavers, otters, and mink.

Go for a snorkel and see if you can spot a bass, northern pike, or the famous muskie.

Bird species commonly found in the Thousand Islands:

  • Great Blue Heron
  • American Black Duck (winters and breeds)
  • Common Loon (breeds)
  • Least Bittern (possible breeder)
  • Osprey (breeds)
  • Bald Eagle (winters)
  • Northern Harrier (breeds)
  • Red-shouldered Hawk (possible breeder)
  • American Woodcock (probable breeder)
  • Black Tern (historic breeder)
  • Whip-poor-will (probable breeder)
  • Red-headed Woodpecker (possible breeder)
  • Willow Flycatcher (possible breeder)
  • Wood Thrush (probable breeder)
  • Cerulean Warbler (confirmed breeder, two nests observed on Thousand Islands Land Trust property)
  • Vesper Sparrow (possible breeder)

(National Audubon Association)

Make Yourselves Comfortable

Bring drinks and food and your swimsuit. We have swim ladders on both of our boats.

Based in Alexandria Bay, New York, a bustling tourist town with many nicknames (Alex Bay, A Bay, or just The Bay), 1000 Islands Water Tours has two 6-passenger boats, a 34-foot Parker and a 25-foot center console Olympia, which can can travel distances quickly if needed or just putter slowly to take in the scenery.

The charming village of Clayton, New York, is only 10 miles upstream from Alexandria Bay and is the other main American town of the Thousand Islands.

Book a cruise for your special occasion: birthday, anniversary, proposal, graduation.

Rates for a private tour are $175 per hour.

Water taxi service can be arranged to go to an island or out for dinner in Alex Bay or Clayton.

All 1000 Islands Water Tours captains are USCG Masters with 100 ton licenses and extensive knowledge of the St. Lawrence River and its history.

Four happy customers sightseeing with 1000 Islands Water Tours
View of one of the islands in the 1000 Islands region
Stately home on one of the islands in the 1000 Islands region. Seen from 1000 Islands Water Tours boat.
Four happy customers sightseeing with 1000 Islands Water Tours


Andrew Driver, the owner of 1000 Islands Water Tours, was born 50 meters from the English Channel and has spent his life in or on the water ever since. He has worked extensively as both a dive boat captain and tour boat captain, sailed across the Atlantic twice in one year, and delivered boats to many locations throughout the world. Andrew has a USCG 100-ton master license as well as being a UK licensed master of motor and sailing vessels up to 200 gross tons and has spent time on many different vessels including super yachts, research vessels, dive boats, a year on a war ship and most memorably 2 weeks on a tall ship. He has visited over 50 different countries.

A scuba diver since he was 12 years old, Andrew now trains others to be instructors and has dived throughout the world from the high Arctic, to the Amazon rain forest to the wrecks of Asia. As a professional diver he has done work for the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic, and other TV production companies. Andrew’s most recent diving trips have been with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) in Papua New Guinea and Palau recovering the remains of servicemen from World War II.

Andrew also owns a company that rents, sells, and operates recompression chambers (portable chambers in particular) for divers. He uses his knowledge as an International Board of Undersea Medicine chamber instructor and operator to educate divers on hyperbarics as well as making dives from his dive boat safer.

As an officer in the Royal Marines Commandos for 8 years, Andrew served on various appointments at sea and on land including tours for which he received extensive training in parachuting, Arctic survival, and combat swimming with oxygen rebreathers. He was a member of the British National Parachute team and commanded the world-record-holding Royal Marines Free Fall Team.

After many visits over the years to the Thousand Islands, Andrew made it his home more than 10 years ago. He loves its history as much as its unparalleled beauty.

What are you waiting for?

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